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Insurance Claims Consultants

Insurance Claims

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Following damage to your property by fire, flood or storm, you will require specialist contractors to provide estimates and to undertake emergency repairs.

At RSL we operate with a number of insurance-approved contractors who understand how the insurance industry works and what is expected of them.

To access our 24/7 service, please contact us on 0800 567 7635

Following an inspection by our qualified surveyor, we will be able to draw up an accurate specification of the damage and present this as a claim to your insurers.

With the peace of mind that you can leave your entire property repair to RSL, a dedicated claim handler will keep you up to date with how the project is progressing. On completion of the repairs, we guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the high standard of workmanship and finish.

As a matter of course, our claims handlers are always available to meet at the property and will insist on a 'signing off' visit on completion of the repairs to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the works undertaken.


Insurance Claims Consultants